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The Top 10 Safest Occupations In The US

August 23, 2021
June 21, 2023
Construction concept of Engineer and Architect working at Construction Site with blue print

There are many different reasons that people choose different occupations and jobs. Obviously, finding a job that pays well is a major consideration for most people. Other workers may look for occupations that offer high-quality benefits such as insurance and retirement packages.

Other incentives that factor into a profession choice include amount of vacation time, schedule leniency, quality of workplace culture, and the ability to work from home. Of course, many people also choose their profession based on a sense of vocation, calling, and higher purpose.

Safety First

Though all of these reasons are certainly valid motives for choosing a given occupation, few of us stop to actually think about the issue of job safety. Though we might know that crab fishing in Alaska doesn’t look particularly safe, we tend to not think about the specific workplace dangers that all of us are exposed to in our daily workplace environments.

Safety in the workplace is affected by a number of factors. Logging workers, for example, may be exposed to serious accidents that make logging the most dangerous occupation in the USA. Logging workers had a fatal accident rate that was 33 times the average job nationwide.

However, just because we’re not at risk of a tree falling on us doesn’t mean that our workplace doesn’t have other dangers that can affect our long-term health.

Below, we take a look at the safest jobs in America. These top 10 safest jobs offer not only another element to consider when choosing your future occupation, but also important insight into how businesses in every different industry can implement the best safety practices to limit workplace accidents, injuries, and illnesses. 

The Top 10 Safest Jobs in The US

Without further ado, here are the top ten safest jobs in the United States, and a brief explanation about why they are the safest. 

  1. Computer and Mathematical Occupations.
    These occupations only had a fatality rate of 0.24 with only 12 fatal injuries reported each year. Sitting in front of a computer might give you back problems, but proper ergonomics can help you avoid those problems.

  2. Education, Training, And Library Occupations.
    Working in a library or school is generally pretty safe, with only 27 fatal injuries reported each year.

  3. Registered Nurses.
    Though this might come as a surprise, RNs only had a fatality rate of 0.44, despite caring for people with communicable diseases.

  4. Business and Financial Operations Occupations.
    Bankers and the like also have a pretty safe occupation, with only 38 fatal injuries occurring each year on average, most of those are transportation-related incidents.

  5. Healthcare Practitioners.
    Again, working in a clinic or hospital is generally a safe job. However, with COVID-19, proper protection is obviously necessary .

  6. Construction Managers.
    While construction workers are at high risk for workplace accidents and injuries, construction managers generally take much less risk. With a fatality rate of 0.74, it is one of the safer occupations.

  7. Legal Occupations. Lawyers and other legal workers also have a relatively safe occupation. The main source of injury is actually caused by violence or other injuries inflicted by other persons.

  8. Community and Social Service Occupations. Social workers also generally have a safe workplace with only 23 fatal injuries occurring on average each year.

  9. Architecture and Engineering Occupations. Again, it’s the actual builders who are at most risk while the architects and engineers who do the planning tend to be much safer.

  10. Life, Physical, And Social Science Occupations. Lastly, these occupations are also pretty safe with only 18 total fatal injuries occurring each year. 

Keep Your Workplace Safety Fit With Work-Fit

No matter what industry your business is in, hiring a third-party, independent organization to help you develop policies that best protect your employees from injuries and accidents is a great way to improve the safety of your workplace environment.

is one leading company that offers onsite and telehealth injury prevention and wellness management solutions for your workforce. As the nationwide leader in applying sports medicine techniques in the workplace to prevent injuries and increase your company's bottom line, we can help your company design and implement the best safety and wellness policies to keep your workers healthy, happy, and free from accidents or injuries.

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