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How to Create Positive Workplace Culture

March 1, 2021
June 21, 2023
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Many employers and business owners believe that the key to a thriving and profitable business lies in finding, hiring, and keeping the best employees. Certainly, having the best employee talent can go a long way to ensure that your company continues to thrive in an increasingly competitive global economy. How exactly do you go about finding (and keeping) the best employees for your workforce?

While a competitive salary and good benefits are one of the top considerations for workers when considering job offers,  workplace culture is an under-appreciated aspect that factors into employee satisfaction. According to a recent study by Bain & Company, an employee who feels engaged and inspired is at least 125 percent more productive than the simply satisfied staffer. Furthermore, other studies have found that 61 percent of professionals who said they were engaged at work feel challenged or very challenged, thus helping to drive productivity levels while reducing costly employee turnover.

To increase employee engagement, 42 percent of respondents to another recent workplace poll say that healthy workforce culture is the main driver of employee engagement.

These statistics go to show that when your staff or workers feel that they are laboring in an uninspiring or toxic environment, it is inevitable that this will lead to dissatisfaction, low productivity levels, and high levels of employee turnover. On the contrary, a healthy and motivating workplace culture can help keep employees engaged, while also driving your productivity levels to new heights.

Below, we’ll briefly cover the elements you need to create a good workplace culture.

What Makes A Positive Workplace Culture?

A positive workplace culture is one wherein employees feel valued, where the tasks they take on are engaging and motivating, and where they feel that they have an opportunity for their voice to be heard. Instead of simply showing up to a job where they have to do the same repetitive tasks every day, a good workplace culture will allow opportunities for every employee to initiate change and offer opinions related to helping the company achieve its long-term goals.

Another important element of a healthy workplace culture is creating opportunities for your employees to grow on both a professional and personal level. An open and trustworthy culture will allow employees to voice their thoughts and views without fear or worry, and also contribute to the values they believe in.

On a practical level, a good workplace culture will incorporate appropriate and precise communication from management and HR. Clear communication throughout the organization allows for real teamwork and a sense of shared purpose within the organization.

Tips for Creating a Healthy Workplace Culture

Creating a quality workplace culture goes beyond simply adding free coffee to the break room. Workplace culture should be focused on a more holistic conception of employee wellness and wellbeing. Here are a few practical steps your company can take to establish a positive workplace culture

  • Establish a Firm Zero-Tolerance Policy. A solid zero-tolerance policy will go a long way in creating a culture that allows employees to speak openly about issues they are facing while also giving them practical support and resources they need to confront an issue. 
  • Plan Social Outings. Taking work home with you is never a good idea. However, taking work “out of the office” can be a great way to build your team and create a sense of camaraderie. 
  • Celebrate Your People. Recognizing birthdays and work anniversaries is a great start. You can also celebrate successes with a recognition program. Define successes both large and small, and be purposeful about highlighting and thanking your team member’s contribution. 
  • Prioritize Employee Wellbeing. There are a number of different strategies that companies can use to help prioritize employee wellbeing. Giving your employees access to professional services that can help with stress management and improved physical health is not just an “extra perk”. It shows genuine care for your employees, and has a great impact on both personal health and job satisfaction. That goes a long way in creating a positive company culture. 

Good Workplace Culture Starts With Work-Fit

Work-Fit is a leading provider of injury prevention and management services for your workforce. We have almost 30 years of experience in helping businesses from all different industries create and implement holistic injury prevention programs.

Our wellness management program is a great tool for helping to improve the wellbeing of your workers. Work-Fit has a team of exercise physiologists, health and fitness professionals and athletic trainers who are all invested in your team’s wellbeing.  Contact Work-Fit today to learn how we can help your company develop a customized wellness program to  improve your workplace culture. 


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