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Workplace Injury Prevention

Prevention is our top priority.

You’re Wasting Money on Healthcare

Work-Fit generates savings for your company by promoting a preventive care model that increases productivity rates and creates savings on employer healthcare costs.

Many elite companies face the same problem with their healthcare costs: they’re too high.

Between workers’ compensation claims and general health care costs from frequent doctor visits, your company is probably incurring more expenses than is ideal. If you work in human resources or are a purchaser in your company, you understand too well how expensive it can be to pay for employees who cannot work.

Your employees are your company’s most valuable asset, so you should put them at the front and center of your operations.

If your company experiences a large number of workers’ compensation claims, the problem may not be accidental. Recurring injuries are often linked to improper body movement, so if the action is not identified and fixed, it will continue to harm your employees.

So, What’s Worse Than Wasted Money?

Missed opportunities. You can generate savings for your company by investing in injury prevention programs for your staff instead of wasting money on injury management.

Studies have found that “preventive services such as daily aspirin use, tobacco cessation support and alcohol abuse screening can potentially save 2 million lives and nearly $4 billion annually.”

Your employees are injured less often with a prevention care model, so they stay on the job and out of the doctor’s office, which generates savings from displaced healthcare costs and increases company productivity.

Generate Savings with Injury Prevention

Injury prevention is the cornerstone of our business at Work-Fit. We apply preventive measures to workers’ daily routines to prevent injuries and keep your employees on the job.

Work-Fit operates through an upstream model to encourage preventive habits among your staff to increase employer healthcare savings. This model is the first line of defense when combating frequent on-the-job injuries.

We prevent injuries through tailor-made programming for our clients, relationship building with employees and management, feedback from employees and work practice assessments to determine the best course of action for your staff.

Our in-house healthcare professionals use an injury-prevention approach that generates savings by increasing employee productivity, growing healthcare savings and increasing OSHA and other compliance rates.

A happier, healthier workforce is only a click away. You can increase savings with Work-Fit by clicking here, but you are free to keep wasting money on healthcare expenses.

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