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About Work-Fit

Our Company

Work-Fit is the nationwide leader of applying sports medicine techniques in the workplace to prevent injuries and increase your bottom line.

Success in business is similar to success in athletics — both require a well-prepared team operating at peak efficiency. Out on the field, when a player gets injured, a substitution is made while the player recovers.

Most companies do not have this luxury so when a vital team member is injured on the job, the whole team suffers.

How do you keep your team members healthy and in the game?

Just as professional sports teams have athletic trainers to prevent injuries to players, so will your company. Athletic trainers, the overlooked heroes of sports, help keep key players on the field so the team can succeed as a whole.

We believe in treating the corporate/occupational worker as an athlete, because the occupational athlete has many of the same physical demands. By integrating our certified healthcare professionals with your team, we can deliver the same level of care afforded to a professional athlete that will keep your team members healthy and on the job.

Our Mission

Make Health Personal

Our Vision

We envision impacting companies across the marketplace, creating a national and international workforce of healthy, valued and empowered people and a culture of prevention.

Core Values

People are Our Passion.
Integrity is Our Practice.
Creativity is Our Power.
Balance is Our Pathway.

Making Health Personal is Our Purpose.

Our Team

Work-Fit is expanding across the nation as more companies realize the benefits of investing in a healthy workforce. For over 25 years, Work-Fit has been an integral part of many companies’ human resource strategies and our numbers prove it.

Our Expertise

Our areas of expertise includes, but not limited to

  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Airline Industry
  • Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Tool Manufacturing
  • Storage Systems
  • Warehouses
  • Union Work Forces


 Work-Fit employees across…

43 locations in….

21 states…

Over 25 years of service.