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Best Sitting Position for Sciatica: 3 Desk Ergonomics Practices Your Employees Should Be Practicing

August 10, 2023
August 11, 2023
Best Sitting Position for Sciatica: 3 Desk Ergonomics Practices

For jobs that require sitting at a desk for hours on end, it’s important to practice the best posture for sitting. The correct position should decrease the strain on the tendons, ligaments and muscles. If you or your employees are struggling with back pain caused by a medical condition like sciatica, there are certain desk ergonomics tips that may help alleviate the ache.

Read on to learn about desk ergonomics and the best sitting position to help with sciatica.

3 desk ergonomics for the best sitting position for sciatica

If your employees are struggling with sciatica, it means that there is pressure being placed on the sciatic nerve. The nerve starts in the lower back and runs down both legs. It can cause symptoms such as pain, weakness and numbness. 

If your employees feel like their sciatica worsens while sitting at their desks, it’s important that they know the proper ergonomics for the best sitting position. The goal is to have them in a position that prevents them from slouching forward and putting additional pressure on their sciatic nerve.

Here are three desk ergonomics to get the best sitting position for sciatica:

  1. Supportive chair — The most essential aspect of desk ergonomics for sciatica is having a chair that provides proper back, shoulder, buttock and arm support. It should feature lumbar cushioning that eases the strain that’s placed on the lower spine while sitting.

  1. Eye-level monitor — While the chair should provide support, you should also be able to adjust the height. The chair height should keep the monitor at your employee’s eye level, or up to 30 degrees below. Our eyes naturally move downward when we’re at rest.

  1. Arm’s length setup — If your employees are constantly reaching all over their desk to get what they need, they are putting stress on their sciatic nerve while trying to get to their pens or computer mouse. Keeping everything at arm’s length, especially their keyboard and mouse pad, will prevent them from reaching for what they need and straining their back.

Work-Fit can help your employees get the best sitting position for sciatica

If you have employees that are struggling with sciatica symptoms that only worsen while sitting at their desk, it’s likely because they don’t have ergonomic equipment that provides the support they need for the best sitting position. 

Contact our team today for more information about our services and how good ergonomics can benefit your employees’ well-being and productivity.


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