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5 Tips to Help You Prevent Shoulder Injuries on Your Job Site

March 25, 2023
June 21, 2023

Shoulder injuries are a common and preventable issue on job sites. Workers who engage in repetitive overhead lifting and manual labor are especially at risk. Shoulder muscles can overstretch and tear, leading to shoulder strains. This type of injury can have long-lasting effects, even resulting in permanent damage without proper treatment. Workers with severe shoulder injuries may never be able to return to work. To keep your team safe and on the job, injury prevention should be a top priority.

Staying healthy

Shoulder injuries are less likely for athletic workers. There are a few specific practices workers can engage in to lower the chances of shoulder injury:

  • Exercise regularly — A regular exercise routine can strengthen shoulder muscles and ligaments to help prevent shoulder injuries. Exercises like lateral raises and overhead presses can target and build up the shoulders.
  • Stretch before work — Stretching before work is a great way for workers to warm their shoulders up for the labor ahead. Taking a few minutes to stretch the shoulders, neck, and back can increase flexibility and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Use proper posture — Proper posture is important for any manual labor. If a worker is completing a task that engages their upper body, they should avoid hunching or rounding the shoulders. This can assist in preventing shoulder injuries.

Using the right tools

Physical practices offer some great methods to prevent shoulder injuries, and so does using the right tools. Many preventable injuries are caused by workers using equipment incorrectly on-site. Here are some tool-related tips to reduce the risk of injury:

  • Avoid heavy lifting — Heavy lifting can strain all the bones and muscles in a worker, possibly leading to many kinds of injury and pain. To avoid this, workers should use dollies or hand trucks whenever possible to take most of the weight off their body.
  • Get ergonomic tools — Ergonomics are a key part of workplace safety. Ergonomic tools are designed to reduce strain on workers. These tools usually have easy-to-grip handles that comfortably fit the worker’s hand, and are often balanced to keep workers from straining too much. Ladders should also be used whenever possible to keep workers from extending their arms overhead.

Prevent shoulder injuries with Work-Fit

When Work-Fit synergizes with your workplace, our certified athletic trainers can implement tailor-made workplace injury prevention programs designed to keep your team healthy and productive. With our help, you can prioritize safety and reduce shoulder injuries on your job site.

Contact our team today for more information about our injury prevention programs and the many ways we can help your business.


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