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3 Reasons Why Preventive Health Care Is Important for Employees

June 21, 2023
Importance of Preventive Health Care

Protecting employee health goes beyond just leading training sessions. Offering preventive health care programs and wellness management programs can be a major asset to employers and employees alike. 

Preventive health care can boost employee wellness, enhance productivity, reduce the risk of workplace injury and increase employees’ quality of life. It can even help employers save money. In fact, over 72% of employers decreased their health care costs after implementing wellness programs.

Despite this, many employers and employees disregard preventive health care and suffer increased injuries and illnesses as a result. As an employer, it is important to encourage your employees to take necessary steps to prioritize their health care. 

3 reasons why preventive health care is important for employees

Preventive health care, or health care that prevents disease rather than just treating it, can be extremely important to an employee’s work. Rather than seeking medical care after an illness or injury has already happened, preventive health care works to reduce a person’s risk of developing illness and injury in the first place. 

The following reasons explore why preventive health care is important for all employees: 

  1. Preventive health care reduces costs.  Employees may have to go to physical therapy or an orthopedic surgeon after their injury, making workplace injuries exponentially expensive. Employees can be forced to spend thousands of dollars in injury management treatment. With preventive care, employees can lower their risk of developing injuries. Therefore, they can save themselves thousands of dollars each year in medical expenses and commute costs.
  2. Preventive health care reduces the likelihood of long-term health complications. Depending on the severity of their workplace injury, employees can be out of work for months at a time while recovering. This is because some injuries can cause chronic health conditions and pain, limiting their mobility and functionality. Some employees cannot return to their previous productivity levels after their injury. Preventive health care can maintain an employee’s strength and wellness so that their risk of developing serious, long-term injuries at work decreases. 
  3. Preventive health care increases longevity and overall wellness. Preventive health care can increase an employee’s quality of life by encouraging manageable, daily routine changes. Good sleep, a healthy diet, and an active lifestyle can help employees live longer with less injury and illness. With more energy and less pain, employees can work with higher productivity levels. 

Work-Fit can boost important preventive health care for employees

Preventive health care can be the difference between a serious and minor injury. Our team of experts at Work-Fit offers both on-site and virtual prevention tools and wellness programs to keep your employees healthy throughout the year. Contact our team today for more information about our services or to learn how we can help keep your employees healthy and safe. 


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