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Now Available: On-Site Triage with TeleHealth

Now Available: On-Site Triage with TeleHealth

We're proud to offer TeleHealth: an on-demand, virtual clinic that quickly connects your employees with licensed medical professionals on easily accessible platforms. That means your team can access expert advice for wellness, injury-prevention, and injury triage right when they need it most.

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Workplace Injury Prevention

Work-Fit generates savings for your company by promoting a preventive care model that increases productivity rates and creates savings on employer healthcare costs. Find more information on our Injury Prevention Services here.

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Workplace Injury Prevention


Our professionals assess the ergonomics of workstations and how they stress different parts of the body. We collaborate with you to create plans that will reduce stressors associated with employee injuries. Employees are then coached on how to safely adjust their work processes to maximize human performance.

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Wellness Management

We specialize in motivating the less-active population of your workforce who typically drive the majority of your health care expenses. Our wellness program reinforces fitness practices and healthy habits during otherwise routine workdays. Individual guidance from our staff ensures employees can advance their fitness levels at their own pace.

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Wellness Management
Injury Management

Injury Management

When worksite injuries occur, rehabilitation and OSHA first aid treatment programs are administered promptly by experienced onsite professionals. This contributes to fewer treatments, lower costs and significantly lower reinjury rates.

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Our Services Promote Results That Make Work-Fit an Integral Part of Your Company

More Time on the Job

Employees no longer need to leave their worksite to seek most injury services, resulting in less lost wages and softer impacts on productivity.

Personalized Performance Plans

Your employees get on-the-job coaching to optimize performance at workstations which prevents injury and advances their health.

Improved Health Consciousness

With certified health professionals on-hand to promote healthier living, your employees will be more health conscious — leading to fewer treatment costs.

Savings on Worker’s Comp Claims

With a prevention focus and early intervention strategy, employers enjoy decreased worker’s compensation claims.

Improved Body Mechanics

Most sprain/strain injuries are the result of improper body mechanics.  We teach your employees how to improve their movements for tasks at work and at home.

Healthier, Happier and Hard Working

Our proactive approach to health not only reduces injuries, but also increases the morale and productivity of your employees.

This Is What Work-Fit Has Done For Others. How much will we save you?

 Annual savings of $8 million in Worker's Compensation costs at one location
 98.8% recordable injury prevention success with early intervention
 69% reduction in MSD recordables over a six-year period
 30% decrease in sprain/strain recordables in one year
 2 years without an MSD recordable after a ground-up plant build and new product launch 70% reduction in Lost Work Day Cases in a targeted area over prior year
 Average 2.3 behavior changes following Work-Fit services
 96% customer service satisfaction


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