Injury prevention success with early intervention


Reduction in Lost Work Day cases in targeted area


Decrease in sprain/strain recordables in one year


Customer/employee service satisfaction

Here’s How Work-Fit has Created a Healthy Bottom Line for Others. How Will We Help You Save?

Did you know the average workers’ compensation claim is $41,003?

Annual savings of $8 million in Worker's Compensation costs at one location

98% recordable injury prevention success with early intervention

80% reduction in sprains and strains in a targeted work group

70% reduction in Lost Work Day (LWD) Cases in a targeted area over prior year

69% reduction in MSD recordables over a six-year period

Over 50% reduction in new hire medical visits over prior year

30% decrease in sprain/strain recordables in one year

2 years without an MSD recordable after a ground-up plant build and new product launch

Customer reported ROI: 4.9:1 for Direct Costs, 10:1 for Direct & Indirect Costs

98% customer service satisfaction

Work-Fit Creates a Culture of Healthy Employees to Help You Grow a Healthy Business!
More Time On The Job

With onsite coaching and care, employees get fast service with less disruption to operations, improving your productivity.

Improved Health Culture

Certified health professionals promote healthier living, chronic disease prevention, and provide educational resources to empower employees and create a culture of health.

Improved Body Mechanics

Most sprain/strain injuries are the result of improper body mechanics.  We teach your employees how to improve posture and movement patterns for job tasks and life at home.

Personalized Performance Plans

Your employees get on-the-job coaching and self-care techniques to reduce musculoskeletal fatigue and advance their health.

Savings On Workers' Comp Claims

With our prevention focus and early intervention strategy, employers save on workers’ compensation costs.

Healthier, Happier and Hard Working Employees

Our proactive approach to health not only reduces injuries, but also increases the morale of your employees.

We Have Services for All Your Health & Injury Prevention Needs
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Workplace Injury Prevention

Work-Fit generates savings for your company by promoting a preventive care model that increases productivity and saves employer healthcare costs. Find more information on our Injury Prevention Services here.

Prevent sprains & strains, reduce slip/trip/fall incidents, relieve early symptoms, reduce OSHA recordables and Lost Work Day time

Decrease musculoskeletal fatigue, improve body mechanics and educate and empower your team

Fixed fee, holistic approach, fully integrated in your business processes

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Our professionals assess workstations to identify stressors by body part and job task. We collaborate on solutions to reduce potential for injury. Employees are coached on how to safely adjust their work processes and movement patterns to maximize productivity.

Analysis with industry standard ergonomic measures, via onsite or video

Combining our musculoskeletal knowledge with ergonomic best practice for better results

Enhance your safety culture with proactive services

Wellness Management

We specialize in motivating the less-active population of your workforce who drive the majority of health care expenses. Our wellness program reinforces fitness practices and healthy habits during otherwise routine workdays. Individual guidance from our staff ensures employees can advance their fitness levels at their own pace.

Improve productivity with wellness education on sleep, nutrition, stress relief, heat stress prevention, posture and footwear

Work conditioning, pre-work warm-up and recovery, fitness programming and personal training

Now offering a proven, online health & wellness portal - includes biometric integration, health assessment, multi-media health & wellness courses and reward management

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Injury Management

Whether OSHA First Aid care or full rehabilitation, our experienced professionals deliver prompt and expert service when pain and injuries occur. This immediate intervention contributes to faster recovery, lower costs and significantly lower re-injury rates.

Reduce recordable injuries with early symptom intervention

Care is paired with worksite visits to address root cause

Robust return to work program prevents re-injury

Virtual Injury Prevention – Work-Fit’s Telehealth Service

We're proud to offer on-demand, virtual clinic that quickly connects your employees with professionals on easily accessible platforms. Your team can reach our experts for injury triage, wellness coaching, worksite evaluation, ergonomic analysis and injury prevention.

Best in class technology for on-demand access via app, kiosk or hotline

Delivers the same holistic, quality service as onsite at reduced cost

Reach every person, every shift and every location

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