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Injury Management

Work-Fit’s Game Plan

The bottom line is, if one of your team is hurt, your business suffers. Each member of your workforce plays an invaluable part in the efficient operation of the system they’ve helped you create. What procedures do you have in place in the event of a workplace injury? Are you prepared to properly care for your employee - while ensuring business runs smoothly during their recovery?

Work-Fit Is Ready

As much as we do to reduce the probability of accidents, they are just that: accidents. At Work-Fit, we understand the human body: we know that in the event of an injury, timing is crucial - both for the recovery of the person injured, as well as for business. Like getting your star pitcher back in the game, we’re on your team, ready to take action.

When you have a Work-Fit team onsite, you can rest assured that your team has access to the best care possible - every step of the way. All of our athletic trainers are experienced in OSHA First Aid, and will be able to begin administering treatment and advising a course of action immediately.

Work-Fit Protects Your MVPs

If time off for physical rehabilitation is necessary, we’ve got you covered: rather than sending your employee to an unknown clinician who only has a vague picture of the job description and how the injury occurred in the first place, your Work-Fit team will tailor a recovery plan for your employee - specific to their job, with the objective being to get them better, to keep them better, and to get them back on the floor.

And the injured employee’s temporary replacement? We’ll make sure they do the job with proper alignment.

Your greatest asset is your employee, and theirs is their body, much like a professional athlete. Having a Work-Fit team onsite ensures immediate response and integrative recovery in the event of an injury, meaning less time off, stronger communication, and less likelihood of reinjury.

With a team of sports therapists and athletic trainers as first responders to an accident, physical therapy services, and guides throughout and beyond reintegration to the work floor, your employees will have the support they need to give you their best.

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