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Stress-Related Neck Pain on the Rise for Desk Jobs

October 24, 2023
October 9, 2023
stress neck pain

Injury prevention programs are fairly common for manual laborers, but desk jobs have been relatively ignored. This does not mean desk jobs come with no risks. In fact, stress-related neck pain is on the rise for people in these positions. According to one study, the majority of desk workers experience neck pain during their career. With an increase in remote work in recent years, more desk workers are spending hours in front of screens without the active elements of a physical office. This may be one factor of the ongoing neck pain surge among desk workers. By addressing the pain of your workers, you can help them stay focused and efficient on the job. 

Preventing stress-related neck pain in workers

  • Ergonomic workstations — A major factor in stress-related neck pain is the working environment. If a worker has to strain their neck when working at their desk, they are more likely to develop neck pain. With ergonomic workstations, your workers can engage with tools that encourage healthy body mechanics. Elements of an ergonomic workstation could include an adjustable desk or an ergonomic chair. 

  • Posture awareness — Posture is key for someone who works in the same position throughout the day. To foster good posture and body awareness, education can be helpful. Show workers how to work with minimal physical stress. Using telehealth services, you can engage in-person and remote employees alike.

  • Physical activity — Desk jobs are sedentary by nature. Encouraging physical activity can keep your employees healthy and energetic at work. In addition to traditional activities, you can recommend neck-focused exercises. Educating workers on neck stretches and strengthening exercises can help reduce stress-related neck pain.

Address employee neck pain with the help of Work-Fit

At Work-Fit, we understand that a healthy and comfortable workforce tends to be more productive and engaged. This is why we focus on helping to develop your employees like athletes. You do not have to wait until neck pain becomes a chronic issue — you can take proactive steps to foster a safety-oriented workplace environment.

Contact our team today to learn how we can keep your employees and your business healthy!


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