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3 Goals Your Company Should Include in Its New Year's Resolution Template for Employee Wellness

January 30, 2023
June 21, 2023
New Year’s Resolution Template

Employee wellness is crucial to performance and productivity, and prioritizing it can help employers start the new year with set priorities. 

New Year’s resolutions can be a great opportunity to encourage your employees to establish long-term healthy habits. Many companies distribute New Year’s resolution templates to promote employee wellness, but some resolutions can be more essential to employee health and wellness than others. 

3 employee wellness goals that should be part of your New Year’s resolution template 

The beginning of the new year can be the perfect time to start employee wellness initiatives that boost employee health and morale. If your team is creating a New Year’s resolution template to boost employee wellness, you may want to include specific resolutions that encourage your employees to stay healthy. You can include the following goals on your New Year’s resolution template to enhance and promote employee wellness: 

  • Stick to a sleep schedule.

    Arriving to work sleep-deprived can lead to accidents, injuries, forgetfulness and lethargy. Sometimes employees need to be reminded to stick to a sleep routine that leads to maximum energy during the workday. They should get at least seven hours of sleep each night. To help prime their bodies for sleep, employees should avoid screen usage 30 minutes before bedtime.

  • Stay hydrated.

    When immersed in a project or task, it can be easy for employees to forget to stay hydrated throughout the day. Offering a resolution to drink more can help remind employees to use nearby hydration stations to keep their minds on task and bodies healthy. The best way to monitor hydration is to check urine color — it should be light yellow.

  • Stay active and rest when necessary.

    If your employees sit still for long periods of time, such as at a desk, you can use a New Year’s resolution template to remind them to stay active. Employees should try getting up every 30 minutes if sitting at a desk. On the other hand, if employees are on their feet all day, they should take breaks to protect their bodies from overuse and repetitive injuries. Controlled activity can also help employees manage stress and release tension buildup. 

Your New Year’s resolution template can also address eating habits, mental health maintenance and financial wellness. 

Work-Fit can help you craft a New Year’s resolution template for employee wellness

Starting your year off with a New Year’s resolution template can help promote both your company’s and your employees’ growth. Our team of experts at Work-Fit can help you curate achievable and realistic employee wellness goals on your next template. Contact our team today for more information about our services or to learn how we can help you enhance employee wellness. 


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