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3 Common Workplace Injuries and How to Prevent Them

June 21, 2023
Common Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries can inconvenience both employees and employers. In fact, when taking workers’ compensation and medical costs into account, employers can lose up to $163 billion every year due to employee injuries. Injuries from accidents like collisions and falls can even force employees to miss hours of work and restrict their mobility for quite some time. 

Thankfully, employers can implement prevention tools and programs to help reduce the risk of employee injury. Most workplace injuries can be prevented by increased awareness and training. 

How to prevent these 3 common workplace injuries 

Depending on the job, some workplace injuries can be more common than others. Understanding these types of injuries can help you prevent them from happening in the first place. The following injuries are some of the most common across several industries: 

  • Strains Strains occur due to the overuse or overexertion of a muscle or tendon. Serious strains can involve partial or complete muscle tears. They often occur when an employee lifts a heavy object incorrectly or repeatedly uses a muscle in an awkward position. Even office workers can get strain injuries from awkward positioning at the keyboard

Strains can be prevented by implementing ergonomic positions and environmental changes, and coaching improved movement patterns. For instance, heavy objects should be lifted using leg strength, not back strength, while keeping a neutral spine. Following biomechanical techniques like this can help employees avoid straining the tendons and muscles in their back and other areas.

  • Heat illnesses — Heat illness can be a major cause of workplace injury. In fact, injuries can increase up to 15% in hot environments. Heatstroke and dehydration can damage the body, leading to fainting, nausea, and in extreme cases, death. Many times, workers need to be transported to a hospital for emergency treatment.

    Workers can avoid heat illnesses by taking lots of water breaks, working in the shade as much as possible and gradually acclimating to extreme climates. Employers should also make sure that there are cooling stations in outdoor work environments. 
  • Slips and trips Slipping on wet surfaces or tripping over objects can end up being devastating. According to the CDC, about 18% of nonfatal work injuries resulting in days away from work were due to slips, trips and falls.

    Keeping the floor clear at all times can help reduce employees’ risk. In addition, posting updated signs and warnings when the floor is wet can help increase awareness and decrease the risk of falls on-site. A proactive employer could also implement a balance training program to better prepare employees. 

Work-Fit can help you boost your on-site injury prevention and prevent common injuries

Workplace injuries can drain an employer's bank account and force employees to miss several days of work. We are experts at educating in proper movement patterns, implementing self-care and delivering health education that target these common injuries. Let Work-Fit boost your workplace injury prevention programs, helping these become not so common. Contact our team today! 


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