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How To Determine If Your Warehouse Employees Need Specific Types of Safety Shoes

September 21, 2023
September 15, 2023
safety shoes warehouse

The right shoes can make a huge impact on workplace safety in a warehouse. If you want to cut costs with injury prevention strategies, providing workers with adequate equipment can be a great step. The unique conditions of your warehouse can help determine which shoes your workers need. It is important to evaluate different safety factors in your warehouse when deciding on protective gear.

Assessing warehouse safety factors for specific shoes

  • Flooring and terrain — Do your warehouse employees spend a lot of time outdoors? Rugged outdoor terrain can contribute to shoe wear and tear. This can require shoes to be replaced more often for safety. Indoor surfaces can come with challenges as well. Slippery or uneven surfaces can cause workers to fall. If the floors in your workspace tend to become slick, slip-resistant footwear can be a helpful preventive measure.

  • Work materials — The materials your workers handle can help determine which shoes they need. If your employees spend a lot of time around heavy machinery or lifting heavy objects, steel-toed shoes may be necessary. These shoes can protect your workers from having their toes crushed. Some warehouse workers also spend time handling corrosive chemicals. If this happens in your warehouse, you can outfit your workers with shoes made from chemical-resistant materials. Equipping each worker with the right footwear for their job is vital.

  • Ergonomics — Ergonomic design is essential to long-term worker health. Warehouse workers who spend much of their time on their feet doing repetitive motions can be at risk for many health conditions. Ergonomic footwear with orthotic insoles can improve health and reduce fatigue in these workers. This can keep your workers consistently productive through long shifts. 

Work-Fit can help you equip your warehouse workers with proper safety shoes

At Work-Fit, we can equip your company with the resources you need to develop a safe and efficient workforce. In addition to training, we offer ergonomic assessments. These can show how your workstation designs affect employee health. We can recommend safety shoes that line up with the needs and goals of your company and its warehouse workers.

Contact our team today for more information about our services or to learn how we can help you outfit your team with proper footwear.


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