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How Can My Company Reduce Workers' Comp Expenses?

September 27, 2017
June 21, 2023
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The more employees a business has, the higher its workers' comp expenses tend to be. Even an injury that most people would consider relatively minor, costs an employer a large sum of money. According to a study conducted by Stanford University's Department of Civil Engineering, an employee’s fracture can cost an employer more than $100,000 on average–$50,000 in direct costs, and $55,000 in indirect costs including lost productivity.

Anything you can do to reduce workers' compensation claims is a smart business move, especially if you run a large business–such as a manufacturing facility, hospital, warehouse, etc.–where employees routinely engage in physically demanding or repetitive activities. One of the most effective approaches to lower workers comp rates is to institute a workplace wellness program. Better yet, hire a company that specializes in creating custom company wellness programs.

Injury Prevention Has a Huge Return on Investment

Common categories of workers’ comp claims include sprain and strain injuries, overuse bone fractures and carpal tunnel syndrome. Injuries to the knees and shoulders are widespread, particularly in the rotator cuff of the shoulder. A huge percentage of these injuries can be avoided simply by educating employees on their causes and showing them small changes they can make to reduce their risks.

When you have dedicated people in your facility whose sole purpose is to instruct employees, help them improve their fitness and stamina, remind them about things like proper lifting techniques, demonstrate best practices, etc., workplace wellness becomes top of mind for everyone. Employees build relationships with these "wellness coaches" and become focused on health and safety.

Individualized Care from the Very Beginning

Wellness programs at work significantly reduce on-the-job injuries. In addition to prevention, when athletic trainers are embedded into a job site, they can provide immediate treatment for strains, sprains, aches and pains.

Without an onsite wellness company, the only option when an employee is injured is to send him to an outside clinic or emergency room. This results in a medical-visit cost and time off of work. Furthermore, clinics and ERs often prescribe pain medications that may not be necessary if an onsite “wellness coach” is provided.

Introducing Work-Fit

Work-Fit is a wellness company that places health care professionals in clients' sites. These  professionals are sports medicine specialists who train and educate employees. They're also qualified to provide OSHA first aid and comprehensive injury rehabilitation immediately after an injury occurs.

Partnering with Work-Fit will help you reduce worker's comp costs by reducing the number of workplace injuries that occur and providing rehabilitation resources onsite for employees who do become injured. Exactly how much can you save? For example, we have Work-Fit employee wellness customers that have reduced their annual worker's comp spending by $8 million. Are you ready to give your employees the tools to become Industrial Athletes? Contact us at (888) 853-7046 to learn more.


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