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What Benefits Can Virtual Employee Wellness Programs Offer Your Company?

May 11, 2022
June 21, 2023
Virtual Employee Wellness Programs

Employees are vital to a company’s growth. Byextension, so is their physical wellness. Research shows that positive employeewell-being contributes to better performance and productivity.


Many companies know this already. They’veestablished employee wellness programs to try to protect theiremployees’ health. But at the start of the pandemic, many companies had toshift to virtual environments, and virtual work is not budging anytime soon. A recent study predicted that 73% of a company’sdepartments will have employed remote workers by 2028. Virtual wellnessprograms can help companies give resources to employees, all while evolvingwith the times.


Whatcan virtual wellness programs offer?


Virtual wellness programs are fairly new innovations,but they can help give companies a convenient and affordable boost. Benefits ofvirtual wellness programs can include:

●     Flexible hours for employees — Your employeesdon’t have to stop in the middle of their workday to attend a wellness program.Virtual wellness programs can be offered any time and day that works for youremployees. This flexibility allows companies to involve all employees,including those working graveyard shifts. Remote, part-time and hybridemployees can interact with one another in the virtual space also.


●     Boosted morale and retention — Wellnessprograms may help employees feel appreciated and valued. Online wellnessprograms also allow employees to meet more of their fellow employees,increasing their engagement and connection with the company. Both of thesefactors can contribute to increased job satisfaction. Research shows that satisfied employees workwith higher rates of motivation and productivity. They may also want to workfor their company longer.


●     Improved communication — An online environmentcan offer opportunities that are unavailable in the face-to-face world.Presenters can share their screen and play videos, allowing for the bestvisibility of content. They can also link to videos that model healthyexercises and habits. An online environment also encourages communication. Forexample, employees who might not feel comfortable asking questions in personmay ask questions in the chat box instead.


●     Lower-cost options — Virtual wellness programscan help protect employees at potentially lower costs. By cutting commutingand equipment expenses, companies may save themselves and their employeesmoney.


Work-Fit'svirtual wellness options can help meet employees' wellness needs


Are you researching virtual wellnessprogramming for your employees? Work-Fit’s team of experts can empower youremployees to protect their health at work. Our user-friendly virtual platform can help you engage youremployees while remaining low cost.


Contact our team today for more informationabout our services or to learn how we can help keep your employees work fit.


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