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3 Reasons a Worker Should Use Virtual Injury Prevention Tools to Prevent Overuse Injuries

June 15, 2022
June 21, 2023
To Prevent Overuse Injuries a Person Should

If you were asked to think about common workplace injuries, slips and falls might be the first examples to come to your mind. But accidents are far from the sole causes of workplace injuries. In fact, many injuries at work occur due to overuse — that is, when an employee overexerts a muscle, tendon or ligament to the point of injury. 

Injuries related to overuse can hinder an employee’s ability to work. Overuse recovery can require treatments ranging from physical therapy to hospitalization. Implementing virtual prevention tools is one of the ways employers can prevent overuse injuries in the workplace. 

3 reasons a person should use virtual prevention tools to prevent overuse injuries

Overuse injuries can occur when repetitive activity damages tissue. To prevent overuse injuries at work, a person should have access to proper training and medical advice. Virtual prevention tools can provide those resources, including: 

  1. Access to professionals at the click of a button. 

Many overuse injuries can occur if an employee is continuously making the same incorrect movements. A major benefit of virtual injury prevention is that health care professionals can offer live advice through its interface. Whenever employees need health care questions answered at work, a professional is just one click away. In high-risk environments, employees can instantly access virtual professionals and decrease mistakes that lead to overuse injuries.

  1. Early symptom prevention. 

If an employee’s joints or muscles feel strained or uncomfortable at work, employees can immediately log into a virtual interface. There, they can get assessed and triaged immediately by health care professionals. Early first aid can reduce the chances of an injury’s development and lower the chances that an on-site injury must be permanently recorded.

  1. Real-time coaching. 

In a virtual setting, employees can get quick, effective, and real-time coaching on correct postures and movements. No waiting in waiting rooms or commuting to a doctor’s office required. Online health care professionals can educate employees on ergonomics and empower employees to protect their bodies — even before they lift heavy objects or operate machinery. 

Employees should use Work-Fit’s virtual injury prevention services to prevent overuse injuries 

To prevent overuse injuries, a person should consider easily accessible virtual prevention tools. Work-Fit’s virtual injury prevention services are incredibly accessible and can help employees avoid overuse injuries at work. Our virtual options can include on-site kiosks, app access and hotline access. Contact our team today for more information about our services or to learn how we can help keep your employees work fit. 


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