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What Is the Ergonomically Optimum Body Posture for Your Desk-bound Employees?

April 20, 2022
June 21, 2023
What Is the Ergonomically Optimum Body Posture

Workplace safety and injury prevention should be every employer’s number one priority. Preventing injuries in the workplace saves companies money by lowering the costs of health care plans and insurance. It also builds a good relationship between your company and its employees. Employees who feel safe and healthy at work are more productive and will be more engaged and focused on the job.


Construction, maintenance and other hazardous jobs may first come to mind when you think about workplace safety. But desk-bound employees are also at risk of workplace injury. The repetitive motion and lack of exercise that often come along with desk jobs can lead to a number of work-related injuries.


Carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic back pain and headaches are all conditions that desk-bound workers may experience. Poor posture and not taking enough breaks are major factors in many of these conditions. That’s why it’s important to consider workplace ergonomics when preventing injuries in the office- or desk-bound workplace.


What body posture is the most ergonomically optimum for sitting at a desk?


The experts at the Mayo Clinic suggest these simple tips for keeping the most ergonomically optimum posture while sitting and working at a desk:


●  Use a chair that has adequate back support. The chair should be at the right height so that your thighs are parallel to the floor and your feet rest flat on the floor as well.


●  Keep the monitor an arm’s length away from your face. This reduces eye strain while preventing you from craning your neck. The top of the monitor should be at eye level.


●  If you use a phone, use a headset or speaker so that you do not cradle the phone between your neck and shoulder while you work. This causes neck and back strain.


●  Your keyboard and mouse should be level with or slightly below your elbows, so that you do not have to constantly bend your wrists to use them.


Why are workplace ergonomics so important to employee health?


Maintaining optimum posture during the workday has many benefits for both employees and employers. Some of them include:


●  Lower health care costs — Some health conditions caused by poor posture can have long-lasting effects. Conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome can require surgery to correct, which can be costly for both employers and employees. Preventing these conditions before they arise helps everyone save money on health care costs.


●  Increased productivity — Being uncomfortable while working is a major hindrance. Employees will be more engaged in the workplace if they aren’t distracted by back pain or other problems caused by poor ergonomics.


●  Fewer missed workdays — Employees may feel that they need to take time off from work for their physical well-being if they suffer from poor ergonomics at work. This contributes to lower productivity and less employee satisfaction in the long run.


How can I improve the ergonomics of my workplace?


If you are looking to improve the working conditions of your desk-bound employees, then fixing your workplace ergonomics situation is a great way to start. Work-Fit can help improve ergonomics in your workplace through on-site training and education. This helps to improve employee wellness by engaging your employees in their own care.


You can start today by taking Work-Fit’s office ergonomic self-assessment!


Our proactive, preventive care process starts with learning about your company’s work environment and where your employees spend the majority of their time. We’ll also build relationships with your employees, using their feedback to discover injury risks in your workplace and helping them learn how they can avoid those risks.


Contact our team today for more information about our services or to learn how we can help keep your employees work fit.


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