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What is Synchronous Telehealth and How Can It Benefit Your Employees?

May 2, 2022
June 21, 2023
Synchronous Telehealth

The use of telehealth has skyrocketed since the beginning of COVID-19. At the beginning of the pandemic, telehealth services increased by 154%. Today, 83% of millennials report that they will continue to use telehealth resources.

Telehealth refers to digital and remote health services, including medical care and education. Its user-centric model allows patients to attend appointments without leaving their homes or workplaces. Telehealth medical care saves time, energy and money. Different types of telehealth have emerged over the last few years, but synchronous telehealth is the most common.

What is synchronous telehealth?

Synchronous telehealth is live. In a synchronous telehealth call, a patient interacts with their medical provider either over the phone or a video call. They can share ideas and concerns with  each other in real time. Medical providers can even monitor their patients’ vitals remotely, during a call. Doing so allows providers to track their patients while remaining in a virtual environment.

Asynchronous telehealth, on the other hand, is not live. Instead, a medical provider is given a patient’s data, takes time to review it and sends their feedback. This category of telehealth may include text messages between provider and patient. It can also include sharing an online exercise video for the patient’s review.

What benefits does synchronous telehealth services offer?

Synchronous telehealth services give employees the flexibility they need to be productive and healthy workers. The benefits of these services can include:

  • Flexible scheduling — Many patients may delay seeing their doctor because of schedule conflicts. Synchronous telehealth allows patients to schedule appointments virtually, when they need them. It can also help patients feel that their time is appreciated and valued. As a result, employees can feel motivated to keep up with their physical wellness.
  • Reduced no-shows — No more wasting time in waiting rooms. Since telehealth appointments eliminate the need to commute, patients can be more likely to attend their appointments on time. They will also have an easier time communicating last-minute cancellations.
  • Streamlined communication — Synchronous telehealth platforms give patients direct access to their medical provider. As a result of improved communication, patients can feel more connected to their provider's practice.

Work-Fit offers exceptional telehealth options for your company

Looking to provide your employees with telehealth resources? Work-Fit has partnered with Healthy Roster to help employers ensure that their employees have access to exceptional telehealth services. Our services are live, and also on demand — no scheduled appointment is needed! Work-Fit’s certified athletic trainers can also provide on-site injury prevention training and help employees access other exceptional health services.

Contact our team today for more information about our services or to learn how we can help keep your employees work fit.


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