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Unseen Benefits of Ergonomic Footrests At Your Desk

September 28, 2018
June 21, 2023
Chair foot rest

You know what they say, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" -- and when it comes to workplace safety and injury prevention, this could not be closer to the truth.

After the common cold, back injuries are the most common reason why employees miss work within the general workforce -- and that's just the beginning. As stated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers who sustain ergonomic injuries require an average of 12 days off work to recuperate.

Whether you have a team of 20 or 700, it is imperative that each and every individual is operating in an efficient and productive manner. If your employees do any amount of desk work, be sure to support their efforts in the best way possible. Don't underestimate the power of footrests at each desk!

The Benefits Associated with Ergonomic Footrests

At first glance, a footrest may seem irrelevant in terms of daily business operations. However, this simple addition can make all the difference when it comes to the impact your feet have on your legs, back, and even circulation.

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Remember, issues surrounding these areas can directly lead to lost productivity. The following benefits are just some of the ways an ergonomic footrest can support your employees and in turn, the success of your company.

1. Boosts circulation

When you sit for hours on end, this eventually results in poor circulation. However, once an ergonomic footrest is introduced, the chance of developing circulatory issues dramatically decreases. Although poor circulation can result in health complications, one of the most common warning signs is increased fatigue.

2. Reduces the risk of lower back issues

As mentioned, back problems significantly impact productivity. As stated by the World Health Organization, low back pain is the leading cause of health-related economic drain, costing more than $100 billion per year. This issues leads to indirect costs (associated with absenteeism), as well as costs associated with benefits, idle assets, and lost production.

3. Positively impacts posture

Considering the average American worker spends around 38 minutes an hour slouching, this has dramatic effects on their posture. Once again, this can lead to back pain and reduced productivity. Poor posture-related back pain is said to cost American employers over $7 billion per year. It is also the leading cause of disability among employees under the age of 45.

4. Improves comfort levels

A number of studies have shown that comfortable employees are more productive employees. After all, discomfort is essentially a distraction, reducing an employee's ability to remain focused. The simple addition of a footrest can reduce strain and promote better posture, all while preventing leg discomfort.

Although ergonomic desks have received more and more attention the past couple of years, footrests continue to be overlooked. Even among those using a standing desk, a footrest can provide much-needed relief, as it allows workers to shift their weight.

In fact, as the popularity of standing desks continues to rise, there are footrests that are ideal for this setup. In some cases, the introduction of a well-designed footrest can help you stand up to 30 percent longer at a standing desk.

Starting today, ensure that communication remains open between you and your team. By encouraging them to implement healthier, proactive strategies, this can significantly enhance workplace morale, motivation, and of course, productivity.

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