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The Top 5 Industries that Need Onsite Injury Prevention Programs

March 5, 2021
June 21, 2023
Coal mining from above

Did you know that private companies in the United States pay around $62 billion each year for workplace-related injuries? Amazingly, the annual cost of workplace related injuries to U.S. businesses is actually more than the Gross Domestic Product of 91 countries.

Whether your company operates a small business with just a few employees, or has a workforce numbering in the thousands, finding ways to reduce workplace-related injuries is an important aspect of reducing unnecessary costs and improving the financial standing of your business.

While there are several things you can do in-house to help reduce the frequency and gravity of workplace injuries, hiring professionals with expertise in workplace injury prevention is often the best strategy. Below, we take an in-depth look at which industries stand to benefit most from investing in injury prevention in the workplace. 

The Top 5 Industries That Will Benefit from Workplace Injury Prevention:

  1. The Construction Industry.
    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics
    (BLS), the construction industry registered 1,061 fatal workplace injuries in 2019. Thousands of other non-fatal injuries also tend to plague this industry. There are several different strategies that construction companies can employ to reduce the number of costly injuries. From training in proper lifting techniques and tool management, to introducing physical warm-ups and microbreaks,  implementing safety protocols when working at high heights or in other dangerous environments, a comprehensive workplace injury-prevention program is essential for all construction and demolition companies.

  2. The Transportation and Warehousing Industry.
    This industry registered a fatal work injury rate of 13.9 per 100,000 full-time equivalent workers, which was significantly higher than the construction industry. Transportation and warehouse workers are vulnerable to a number of potentially dangerous workplace hazards, including vehicle accidents, forklift mishaps, carbon monoxide exposure, falls, strains from heavy lifting, etc. A workplace injury prevention program for these industries can focus on industrial ergonomics, biomechanics training,  proper signaling, warehouse air quality, vehicle and forklift checklists and other elements to ensure worker safety.

  3. The Mining, Quarrying, Oil and Gas Extraction Industry.
    Despite employing a relatively low number of employees compared to the industries listed above, the employees of mines, rock quarries, and oil and gas extraction operations all face several workplace threats. A company with experience in workplace injury prevention can help these industries design and implement industry-specific policies and protocols focused on ensuring OSHA compliance and safeguarding worker operations.

  4. Manufacturing Industries.
    Though every manufacturing facility will be slightly different, the repetitive motions that come in a factory setting put workers at a serious risk for developing long-term musculoskeletal disorders and injuries. A workplace injury prevention program can help the manufacturing industry develop specific protocols and policies to help prevent the most common musculoskeletal injuries and make manufacturing tasks easier to perform for the employee.

  5. Office and Computer Industries.
    Lastly, companies that employ workers who spend long hours in an office setting or in computer workstations can also benefit from workplace injury prevention programs. Helping to implement the best computer workstation ergonomics, develop strategies for employee wellness, and other office ergonomic resources are a few of the areas where workplace injury prevention professionals can help workers in this industry. 

Work-Fit Has A Program For Your Industry
No matter what type of industry or business you are in, hiring specialists with experience in workplace injury management is a great way to reduce costs from worker injuries while also improving the productivity levels of your workforce.

Work-Fit is a nationwide leading provider of injury prevention solutions for your workforce. 

No matter the size or industry, we have the right fit for you.

We also offer the following programs to help reduce the frequency and gravity of workplace injury: 

  • Integrated Injury Prevention: we put our professionals onsite, full-time with you to provide comprehensive programming from warm-ups, biomechanics coaching, and education. We’ll fully integrate with your onboarding, training and operational practices to provide the most holistic, personalized service. 
  • Virtual Injury Prevention: This program ensures that your employees enjoy on-demand injury prevention, ergonomic assessment and injury triage services from on-site kiosks throughout your work areas, on their personal or work devices via mobile apps, or over a hotline. 
  • Ergonomics Program: This Work-Fit program can help your company generate savings on worker’s compensation by identifying the root cause of recurrent musculoskeletal disorders that keep valuable workers away from the job.
  • Wellness Management: The wellness management program offered by Work-Fit can also play a major role in helping to improve the wellbeing of your workers. Work-Fit has a team of exercise physiologists, health and fitness professionals and athletic trainers who all provide wellness coaching. 
  • Injury Management:  Lastly, our injury management program meets your needs on two levels. Our athletic trainers specialize in OSHA  first aid services, helping you reduce recordable injuries. For employees requiring advanced care, Work-Fit can also provide full onsite rehabilitation services. Both opportunities integrate with our work floor services, to help your people stay at work and also return to work more quickly and safely. 

Contact Work-Fit today to see how we can help your company develop a customized workplace injury prevention program!


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