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The Best Shoes for Warehouse Work: 5 Criteria Your Employees' Footwear Should Meet

September 12, 2022
June 21, 2023
Best Shoes for Warehouse Work

At least 60,000 foot injuries per year keep employees away from work. Physically demanding jobs like warehouse work can increase employees’ risk of foot injuries. This is because employees are often lifting, climbing, pulling or operating heavy machinery to move objects. In an unpredictable environment like a warehouse, employees’ footwear can be essential to preventing injuries.  

5 qualities that make the best shoes for warehouse work

Specific shoes can enhance a warehouse worker’s productivity and wellness. No matter the type of work they do in the warehouse, certain shoes can best protect them from injuries. There are several factors to consider when choosing the best and safest footwear for warehouse work, including:

  1. Slip resistance — Major causes of warehouse injuries include slips, trips and falls. These can be especially dangerous if a worker is carrying a heavy object while walking. Shoes with slip-resistant soles can help reduce the risk of slip-related injuries.
  2. Arch support — Many warehouse positions require employees to be on their feet for long hours. Without proper arch support, the arch can become inflamed and radiate pain. Shoes with proper arch support can increase a worker’s stability and endurance while working.
  3. Space — If employees wear shoes that cram their toes, arches and heels, they will be more likely to feel pain throughout the day. They can also be at higher risk of developing foot deformities like bunions. With ample space, however, the feet can move freely and with healthy blood flow. Look for a shoe with a square toe box to give the toes more wiggle room.
  4. Reinforced toe — If an employee’s position requires the use of heavy machinery or heavy lifting, they may need a shoe with a reinforced toe. In the case of falling or dropping a heavy object, these shoes can significantly reduce the severity of an employee’s foot injury. While steel toes are incredibly strong, companies now make shoes with lighter materials, like alloy and strengthened fabrics, to enhance mobility. Be sure the reinforced toe material is appropriate for the work.
  5. Breathability — Working in a warehouse can become uncomfortably warm — especially if employees are wearing layers of protective gear. As a result, wearing breathable shoes can become essential for a warehouse worker’s comfort. Breathable material can wick away moisture and keep the feet cooler throughout the day.

Work-Fit can help your warehouse workers find their best working shoes

Accidents can’t always be predicted. When workers wear proper footwear, they can help protect themselves from the consequences of serious accidents like falls, slips, and dropped objects. Contact our team at Work-Fit today for more information about our services or to learn how we can help you encourage your employees to wear safe footwear.


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