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How Sports Medicine Techniques Can Improve Plumbing Health and Safety

April 24, 2020
June 21, 2023
wall of plumbing utilities

Plumbers and pipefitters make up a small portion of the workforce in the United States with about 500,000 workers. But, they can account for a large number of injuries. 

Plumbers install heavy plumbing fixtures and systems at businesses and residences. They may also be required to dispose of waste, install heavy heating systems, or repair large pipes and fittings. 

Between the amount of hauling they do for their supplies and equipment and the ways they often need to maneuver their body into tight spaces, it can be easy to get injured and be unable to return to work. 

Sports medicine techniques implemented after a plumbing risk assessment can help improve the health and flexibility of your employees. Learn more about the steps you can take to protect your workers below.

Plumbing Risk Assessment

Performing a plumbing risk assessment should be a regular part of your business practice. Creating a safe working environment is your responsibility as a business owner.

There are several categories of risk you must monitor:

  • Hazardous substances
  • Manual handling
  • Working at heights
  • Injury to others
  • Weather conditions
  • Use of power tools
  • Use of hand tools
  • Noise protection
  • Hand/arm vibration
  • Slips, trips, and falls,
  • Cutting and drilling into line services for pipework
  • Accessing confined spaces
  • Biomechanics and Ergonomics 

When you first hire an employee, they should be trained in the use of all hazardous materials and tools for their job. Pair them with one of your existing employees until you can be assured they are following your regulations. Then, perform regular check-ins with your staff to ensure they are compliant in all areas.

Plumbing Safety Manual

plumbing safety gear

Following OSHA safety regulations is important for every plumbing business. You may have considered that your employees need training in chemical and material exposure. But, have you trained them on how to maneuver their bodies to avoid injuries from weight and strain?

Plumbing areas are often not easy to access. In order to ensure safety in a confined area, your employees need to know how to lift and shift weight properly. They need to protect their backs, shoulders and whole bodies and can benefit from rotating their tasks and taking short breaks regularly. 

Your employees also need to wear appropriate footwear to avoid slips, trips and falls from working in wet environments. Train your employees to keep their work areas free of clutter so that they can easily move around and catch themselves if they’re about to fall. 

You should also talk to them about using the proper gloves and eye and face shields to avoid electric shock and burns from hot equipment and pipes.

For Help Applying Sports Medicine Techniques for Plumbing Health and Safety

Work-Fit’s sports medicine techniques can help your business prevent injuries, your team operate with peak efficiency, all  leading to a lower bottom line. 

Don’t risk having to bench a key plumber in your outfit because they strain or injure a muscle. Our certified healthcare professionals can bring your employees the training and exercises they need to stay healthy on the job, as well as successfully return to work. Contact us today to speak directly with one of our professionals.


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