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Doing Food Production Jobs Can Lead to These 3 Injuries

June 13, 2022
June 21, 2023
Food Production Jobs

Some jobs require incredible endurance, strength and coordination. Industrial athletes give their all to physically demanding jobs, and food production and processing workers are no different. Without their hard work, our access to food would be severely restricted. 

Even with the high importance of food production jobs, food production workers are at risk of frequent injuries. The food services industry is one of the top five industries with the most recorded illnesses and injuries. With the right resources, however, food production employers can help protect their employees at work. 

3 types of injuries food production workers can develop 

The food service industry has an injury incident rate that is 60% higher than workers in non-food industries. To avoid injuries, employers must legally protect their workers from harm and make proper personal protective equipment (PPE) readily available for every employee. But many injuries in food production jobs can happen accidentally or due to the overuse of muscles. Common injuries that workers can encounter in their food production job can include: 

  1. Aches and pains from repetitive use. 

Many food production jobs require repetitive movements. Workers in assembly lines, for example, often have to make the same hand or arm movements hundreds of times a day. If a muscle is overused, then injuries like muscle strains, tendinitis, stress fractures and carpal tunnel syndrome can occur. Repeatedly doing tasks with poor biomechanics can also increase a worker’s risk of injury. Practicing correct biomechanics for a specific repetitive motion can help prevent this type of injury. Ergonomics training can help teach employees how to best align their body for repetitive movements in a food production facility.

  1. Hearing loss or damage. 

Consistent loud noises in a food production factory have the potential to damage employees’ hearing. If this is the case, then it is important for employers to supply earplugs, and even more important for employees to wear them. Earplugs can protect employees’ hearing from consistent high volumes.

  1. Sprains, tears, and fractures related to slips and falls. 

Slips and falls are common injuries in warehouses and factories. A slip from a wet floor, fall from a ladder, or trip over an object in a walkway can cause injuries like ankle sprains, or the overstretching of an ankle ligament. Employees can also experience serious musculoskeletal injuries like muscle tears and strains, as well as fractured bones. 

Work-Fit can work with your food production company to prevent injuries

Work-Fit can work with your company to both prevent and manage injuries at your food production plant. Whatever your concerns, our team can support you both on- and off-site so that you feel confident in your employees’ safety. Contact our team today for more information about our services or to learn how we can help keep your employees work fit. 


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