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5 Ways to Use Feedback to Boost Morale at Work

December 29, 2017
June 21, 2023
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Morale has a tremendous impact on your company's bottom line. Companies with high morale have a high productivity rate and a low turnover rate.

If you want to make your business model work to its full potential, you need to boost morale at your company. To do that, follow these tips.

Use Competition

To do this properly, make sure your employees actually see it as a game. If they feel threatened by competition, you will absolutely kill your company's synergy.

That being said, competition is a fun way to motivate your employees. If you own a restaurant, for instance, it can be good to offer prizes (either in the form of a cash bonus or other items) to servers receiving positive feedback.

You can do similar things in fields such as sales. Either way, people react positively to competition. Making work a game can really be effective: just make sure you do it the right way.

Be Constructive

Feedback is not just about praising your employees. It's also about telling them when mistakes have been made.

The bad way to do this is chastising your employees. Understand that most people are trying their best: if you berate them or make them feel their job is in danger every time they make a mistake, your employees will make a beeline for the exit.

Instead, provide your employees with solution-oriented and constructive criticism. This makes your employees feel you're providing a roadmap for success instead of just giving them a list of failures.

Don't Be Too Positive

While constructive criticism is important, giving blind praise to your employees is not. The reality is that blind praise feels just as bad as overzealous criticism. Instead of feeling inspired, your employees will see your praise as empty and condescending.

It's important to reward a job well done. But telling people that mediocre work is the best you've ever seen does nothing to boost morale. As a matter of fact, it actually takes it away.

Empty praise is not a reward for a job well done. Not only will it do nothing for employee morale, it will also do nothing for your bottom line. So don't fall into this trap.

Have an Open Door

How can you ever provide the feedback your employees need when they can't approach you for it? Instead of waiting until there's a problem to speak to your employees, one of the best things you can do is have an open door.

If your employees feel comfortable approaching you for feedback, you'll be able to keep them motivated with a lot more ease.

Boost Morale With a Fit Workforce

Fitness is about more than just keeping your employees healthy. It plays a huge role in boosting productivity and morale. It also cuts down on your health care costs.

If you want to work with a team prepared to provide your employees with fitness feedback, we're the best team for you. With over 25 years of experience building fit workforces, we have a passion for health!

If you want to take this important step, contact us! And if you need more advice, keep reading our blog.


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