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5 Mental Health Check-in Questions You Want Your Workers to Ask Themselves Regularly

April 29, 2022
June 21, 2023
Mental Health Check-In Questions

While employee health and safety should be every employer’s number one priority, experts suggest that there is more to employee well-being than physical health. Emotional and mental health are vital to an employee’s well-being, too. There is a proven link between employee well-being and employee engagement, which affects focus, energy, and productivity levels on the job. Stressors such as too few breaks, being short staffed, or burnout are some of the most common causes of poor mental health at work. Most employees will find it difficult to give their all when their mental health is not at its best.


Despite its importance, 60% of employees say that they have never spoken to anyone in the workplace about their mental health, according to a 2019 report. Many employees feel intimidated by mental health topics, or feel that they aren’t appropriate topics to bring up with their supervisor. However, there are ways that employees can become engaged in their own mental health care in the workplace.


What are mental health check-in questions and how do they help?


Employees who are experiencing mental health issues due to work can ask themselves a series of simple check-in questions. These questions are designed to help them get to the bottom of what is causing their stress in the workplace. It can also help them to reach out and access the resources that are available at your company to ensure employee wellness.


Here are five mental health check-in questions that your employees might find valuable:


  1. “Do I feel comfortable talking about my mental health at work?”


  1. “Do I know what resources are available for mental health at my job?”


  1. “What factors are contributing to poor mental health and burnout at work?”


  1. “In what ways do my mental health symptoms affect my productivity at work?”


  1. “Do I feel like my company’s leadership makes mental health at work a priority?”


How can you help your employees become engaged in their well-being at work?


Employee engagement and well-being starts at the top. By showing a material interest in your employees’ well-being, your employees will feel that they can safely and openly discuss concerns about workplace safety, wellness and mental health. At Work-Fit, we envision having this impact upon companies across the marketplace. Our services are designed to create a workforce of healthy, valued and empowered people.


Work-Fit offers health and safety services for employers across many industries. Our services include:


●  Ergonomic training.


●  Telehealth services.


●  Injury management.


●  Injury prevention.


●  Wellness management.


Our team works to build relationships with employees, using their help and feedback to address issues in the workplace that affect their physical and mental well-being. We also promote employee engagement by placing an employee’s well-being in their own hands.


Contact our team today for more information about our services or to learn how we can help keep your employees working and living well.


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