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3 Benefits of Boosting Your Company’s Interest in Employee Engagement and Well-being

April 13, 2022
June 21, 2023
Employee Engagement and Well Being

An employee’s engagement at work and their overall well-being are proven to be inseparably linked. Employee engagement is usually defined as an employee’s ability to be focused and energized while at work. Feeling a connection to their employer’s purpose or goals is also an important part of employee engagement.


An employee’s well-being, meanwhile, consists of not just their physical health. Relationships, emotional and behavioral health, and financial stability all contribute to an employee’s well-being. It’s no surprise that if an employee feels that they are lacking in any of these areas, their engagement in the workplace will suffer as a result.


How does your company benefit from employee engagement and well-being?


Your company’s bottom line can suffer as a result of poor employee engagement. Showing a material interest in employee engagement and well-being helps to benefit both employees and companies alike. Here are three of the ways that your company can benefit:


  1. Fewer missed workdays — According to a Gallup Poll, employees who reported having both high engagement and overall well-being were 70% less likely to miss workdays due to poor health. This results in less lost productivity as well as less stress on other workers due to increased workloads.


  1. Higher employee retention — Employees who do not feel engaged at work often experience burnout and a loss of job satisfaction. If they feel that their well-being is suffering as a result of their job, they will try to find a different one as quickly as they can. Focusing on employee well-being helps to keep valuable employees on your team.


  1. Lower health care costs — Having healthier, better rested and highly engaged employees results in fewer workplace injuries and insurance claims. Stressed and tired employees aren’t going to be engaged in the workplace. They’re also more likely to pay less attention to injury reduction factors like good posture and positive health habits. That’s why businesses with active employee wellness programs and other engagement measures can save money in the long run.


What can your company do to improve employee engagement and well-being?


While regular schedules and competitive wages are important to ensuring employee engagement and well-being, there are many small steps you can take to benefit your company and your employees. Being proactive in preventing workplace injury is one way to contribute to employee well-being. Regular workplace safety assessments, ergonomic training, and emergency preparedness are all essential to preventing workplace injury.


If your company needs help ensuring your employees’ well-being, Work-Fit can help. Work-Fit is a nationwide leader of applying sports medicine techniques in the workplace to prevent injuries and increase your employees’ well-being. We offer both on-site and virtual workplace injury prevention, triage, early intervention and wellness services. Our health care professionals work to get your employees engaged in their own care and well-being through education and training.


Contact our team today for more information about our services or to learn how we can help keep your employees working and living well.


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