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Feel free to click on any of the headings below to jump right to the section you need.

hip skeleton highlight

Click each link above or scroll down to explore Stretches, Exercises and helpful Posture Do's/Don'ts for your Neck and Upper Back.

If you require any further assistance with these stretches/exercises or have questions about information provided please contact your Work-Fit representative here!  We are happy to help!

Regular physical activity is safe for most people.  However, if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or have never participated in regular exercise, check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

Tips For Success

  • Breathe comfortably and maintain good posture throughout the exercises.
  • Engage the muscles of your abdomen throughout the exercises to assist with posture and protect the back.


Hold each stretch for 15-60 seconds and repeat 2-4 times.

Hip Flexor

Can be done kneeling on floor or standing

hip flexor stretch
hip flexor stretch

Split stance, keep hips level with one another, keep torso upright with good posture, lean hips forward.

**Widen stance if necessary for balance**

Hip Stretch (On Back Or Sitting)

hip stretch
hip stretch

Cross one leg over the other, push down on knee and pull up on ankle.

Hip Stretch (Regular)

hip stretch

Hands directly below shoulders, knees directly below hips, drop belly down, rotate hips up and back, and lift chest.

Groin Stretch

Wide stance, keep torso upright with good posture, bend knee and lean towards that side, keeping the other leg straight.

**Keep bent knee directly over toes**

groin stretch

IT Band Stretch

it band stretch

Lay on back, bend knee to 90˚, bend hip to 90˚, and rotate leg across your body until you feel a stretch in the side of your leg and/or glute. Keep spine on the floor.


Start with 1 set of 10. Gradually increase to 2 to 3 sets of 10 with a short rest in between sets.

Bridge with Variation

Starting Position:

bridge exercise

Feet shoulder width apart, shoulders/arms relaxed at your side, contract abdominals, lift hips off the floor and hold.
*Keep back straight and keep weight on shoulders and off neck/head.*

bridge exercisebridge

Variation: Lift hips off of the floor, then raise one knee up, lower, raise opposite knee.

Leg Raise

leg raise exerciseleg raise exercise

Maintain good upper body posture, keep knee straight, raise leg.

**Can bend lower leg for balance when necessary**

Hip Hikes

hip hike exercisehip hike exercise

Standing on a slightly raised stable surface, balance on one leg and let the opposite leg relax down. Slowly hike hip towards the sky keeping upper body upright.

**Use stable surface to assist with balance if necessary**

Single Leg Balance with Knee Lift

single leg balance exercisesingle leg balance exercise

Keep a chair next to you to assist with balance, maintain good upper body posture, slowly raise hip and knee to 90˚, lower leg.

Single Leg Dead Lift with Variations

Variation 1:
single leg dead lift exercise
single leg dead lift exercise
Variation 2:
single leg dead lift exercise
single leg dead lift exercise

Maintain good upper body posture, maintain a neutral spine, hinge forward, return to starting position. Use chair to assist with balance, add dumbbell to increase difficulty.



Practice these safe postures

good hip posture
good hip posture
  • Maintain upright  posture
  • Hip hinge and bend knees to lift
  • Turn hips and upper body in the same direction
  • Point toes forward
  • Sit in a 90/90 position with feet flat on floor


Do not adopt these postures

bad hip posturebad hip posture
  • Hip hike
  • Rounded spine and straight legs to lift
  • Turning hips and upper body in opposite directions
  • Sitting with feet hooked on chair legs
  • Sitting with feet on tiptoes

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