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Game-Changing Injury Management at Your Company

Applied Sports Medicine techniques to keep your employees healthy.

  • Lower OSHA Incident Rates
  • Reductions in Worker’s Compensation Costs
  • Discounts in Healthcare Costs
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With Work-Fit, your employees will work smarter and avoid workplace injuries through our 4-pronged sports medicine approach. Our injury prevention and management program is tailored to your workforce's needs and reduces unnecessary healthcare costs for your company.

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Prevent Injuries

Innovative prevention processes that integrate allied healthcare professionals onsite with your team

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Early Symptom Intervention-OSHA First Aid

A proactive approach focused on personal health and behavior education to encourage wise lifestyle decisions

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Rehab In-House

With on-site consultation and care, Return employees to work and reduce absenteeism when injuries do occur

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ergonomics/human performance coaching

A proactive approach focused on daily life on the job / designing healthier ways to work

Serving more than 100,000 people nationwide.
This Is What Work-Fit Has Done For Others. How Much Will We Save You?
  • Annual savings of $8 million in Worker's Compensation costs at one location
  • 98.8% recordable injury prevention success with early intervention
  • 69% reduction in MSD recordables over a six-year period
  • 30% decrease in sprain/strain recordables in one year
  • 2 years without an MSD recordable after a ground up plant build and new product launch
  • 70% reduction in Lost Work Day Cases in a targeted area over prior year
  • Average 2.3 behavior changes following Work-Fit services
  • 96% customer service satisfaction

Learn how our in-house staff will improve your company’s wellness and reduce healthcare costs.

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